Why HGD Consulting?

Taking your supply chain to the next level

HGD Consulting was founded by Hunter Long and Gabe Millican with the goal to connect talented but struggling owner operators with brokers and shippers. 35% of owner operators are currently saying they will be out of business if the freight market doesn’t rebound in the upcoming months. By founding HGD Consulting, we strive to save the small trucking companies and owner operators that are facing having to close their doors in the next year.

With this model, HGD has grouped small operations into larger fleets to create increased capacity, fleet-size, and leverage while not impacting their pricing structure. With the current market, larger trucking companies are taking over and pushing the owner operators out of business, as owner operators don’t have the tools to compete with the resources of brokerages and larger carriers.

Our goal is simple: we want to foster growth in all parties with whom we interact, whether our drivers, the shippers, or the brokerages. With limited overhead, larger fleets, and great communication, we will be able to push a best-in-class service at a best-in-class rate that will take over the market.

Our Mottos

Mutual respect

We believe in mutual respect between us and all partners with whom we interact, whether that be on the broker, shipper, or carrier side.

High levelĀ execution

Executing the movement of freight at a high level is always priority number one. To reflect this, we only partner with those who reflect and enforce a similar standard.


The growth of our partners is very important to us. We want to see all parties with whom we interact expand and grow.